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Your Ultimate Urban Garden Center!


North Haven Gardens is your ultimate urban garden center! A a family-owned, independent garden center in Dallas since 1951, we specialize in garden education and quality plant selections.

Choose from the best organic vegetable transplants, herbs, organic garden products, backyard chicken supplies and the healthiest annuals, perennials, houseplants, trees and shrubs.

Join us for Free classes & events year-round on every topic to ensure you garden success! Get the most up to date, expert advice from NHG staff. We have the most Texas Certified Nursery Professionals and degreed horticulturists of any garden center in the Dallas area. Looking for a more personal experience? Sign up for a session with our Garden Coach.


Gardening, vegetable gardening, roses, herbs, perennials, organics, composting, backyard chickens, indoor plants, bonsai